Chris Sprance

Character Technical Director

CryEngine Python Scripts

I maintain a library of CRYENGINE python Editor scripts I use to do my job at Entrada Interactive working on Miscreated. It has a lot of very useful functions that I've automated or found really needed.

If you need help with a specific script don't hesitate to shoot me a line.

Check out the GitHub Page or the download!

All of these scripts can be run by going to View → Open View Pane → "Python Scripts" and then select the script and click execute (or double click the script). Some scripts may have dedicated toolbars which you can find by right clicking on the toolbar and Choosing the appropriate toolbar as documented below

CaptureMovie Toolbar

Setup Movie

Asks the user a series of questions that configure some options for capturing a video in the editor. Opens the outputfolder so you can watch the frames as they come in

Start Recording

Starts capturing frames and plays a trackview at the same time

Stop Recording

Stops an playing trackview and stops any capturing of frames

Creating Item Icons - Icon Toolbar

Guide on how to create icons for item files available by clicking link above - Distribute Toolbar

With one or m ore brushes selected choose a plane to distribute the objects randomly along that plane. - Transformation Toolbar

With a single brush selected run the script to convert it to a rigid body, and simulate the rigid body.

After the simulation run the script again to convert it back to a brush - Transformation Toolbar

Randomly rotate all selected items. - Transformation Toolbar

Set the rotation to (0,0,0) on all selected objects - Alignment Toolbar

Aligns selected objects to a specific axis

(Run using the buttons on the Alignment Toolbar) - Transformation Toolber

Copy a single items xforms to be used elsewhere

(Run using the Copy Xforms button on the Transformation Toolbar) - Transformation Toolbar

Pastes copied xforms to a single selected item

(Run using the Paste Xforms buttons on the Transformation Toolbar) - EiTools Toolbar

Add one or more entities to the level by xml file - EiTools Toolbar

Add one or more cgf files to the level by cgf file - EiTools Toolbar

Instantly kill the editor - EiTools Toolbar

View the currently selected brush's cgf in windows explorer - EiTools Toolbar

Take a screenshot and open the screenshots folder