Chris Sprance

Character Technical Director

CRYENGINE Lods Maxscript

During my work on Miscreated it was a common task to have to create LOD's for most props/weapons/characters. So I found a way to automate this in 3dsMax using the standard toolset provided with Max.

I present to you an automated Cryengine LOD creation script in 3ds max using maxscript and ProOptimizer.

GitHub Page Here


  • Open up the MaxScript Editor from within 3ds max
  • Paste in the code
  • Select all the code in the MaxScript Editor
  • Drag and Drop the code into the toolbar
  • Adjust button to needs



  • Select the mesh to create lods for
  • Open the LOD tool
  • Adjust the settings
  • Click execute
  • Tadah LODS!

-- Define the UI Rollout
try (destroyDialog EILodMaker) catch()
rollout EILodMaker "Lod Maker" width:150 height:250 (
    label lbl_num_lods "Number of Lods"
    spinner num_lods_spinner ""  across:2 offset:[20,0] width:124.05 usePercentageWidth:true percentageWidth:82.7 enabled:true type:#integer range:[0,6,2]
    checkbox chk_collapse "Collapse?"  pos:[18,52] checked:false
    group "Advanced Options" (
        spinner spinner_lod1 "LOD 1"  range:[0,100,50]   type:#float
        spinner spinner_lod2 "LOD 2"  range:[0,100,24.5] type:#float
        spinner spinner_lod3 "LOD 3"  range:[0,100,11.4] type:#float
        spinner spinner_lod4 "LOD 4"  range:[0,100,4.2]  type:#float
        spinner spinner_lod5 "LOD 5"  range:[0,100,3]    type:#float
        spinner spinner_lod6 "LOD 6"  range:[0,100,1]    type:#float
    button btn_exec "Execute"  width:150
    on btn_exec pressed do (
        lodSizes = #(spinner_lod1.value, spinner_lod2.value, spinner_lod3.value, spinner_lod4.value, spinner_lod5.value, spinner_lod6.value)
        for obj in (selection as array) do (
            lodNodes = for idx in 1 to num_lods_spinner.value collect (copy obj)
            idx = 1
            for lodNode in lodNodes do (
                select lodNode
                modPanel.addModToSelection (ProOptimizer ())
                lodNode.modifiers[#ProOptimizer].VertexPercent = lodSizes[idx]
                lodNode.modifiers[#ProOptimizer].KeepUV = on
                lodNode.modifiers[#ProOptimizer].Calculate = on
       = "$lod0" + idx as string
                lodNode.parent = obj
                idx = idx + 1
                deselect $
createDialog EILodMaker